Performance Excellence

Utilizing the Baldrige Criteria

Baldrige applicants know that the journey is not about receiving a State Level or National Level Performance Excellence although that’s a nice goal. It’s about getting expert feedback on where they are and where they need to be. It’s about having the tools to examine all parts of their management model and improve processes while keeping the whole organization in mind.

Baldrige Criteria Framework

The Baldrige journey is about learning how to achieve

- Effectiveness
- Sustainability
- Innovation
- World-class results
- Integrated processes
- Organizational learning
- A national network to support and sustain your organization

Be a part of a collective force that is improving American companies, education, health care, and public institutions.


Why Take the Baldrige Journey?

Excellence is a Journey, Not a Destination

Organizations everywhere are looking for ways to effectively and efficiently meet their missions and achieve their visions. Thousands of organizations use the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence to guide their enterprises, improve performance, and get sustainable results. This proven improvement and innovation framework offers your organization an integrated approach to key management areas:

- Leadership
- Strategic planning
- Customer focus
- Measurement, analysis, and knowledge management
- Workforce focus
- Process management
- Results

Improve Your Performance

Baldrige JourneyThe Baldrige Criteria can be adapted to fit your unique challenges and culture and help you evaluate performance, assess where improvements or innovation are most needed, and get results. By taking the Baldrige journey, you become part of a national effort to improve America’s performance and its competitive standing in the world. You can be proud to know that your employees, customers, board members, and other stakeholders are all better off—and that America is better off.

That’s why thousands of organizations of all sizes in every industry use the Baldrige Criteria—and a select group applies for the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award :

- Large, Fortune 500 companies, including Boeing Aerospace Support and Caterpillar Financial

- Small businesses, such as PRO-TEC Coating Company , which provides coated sheet steel to the U.S. auto industry and privately-held MESA Products, Inc.  which designs and manufactures cathodic protection systems for underground pipelines and tanks

- Large hospitals and hospital systems, like Poudre Valley Health System and single hospitals like Bronson Methodist Hospital

- Large and small schools and colleges, such as Iredell-Statesville Schools and Richland College

- Nonprofits and government entities, such as the City of Coral Springs  and U.S. Army ARDEC


What is the Baldrige excellence program?

Since 1988, the Baldrige Performance Excellence program has recognized organizations that achieve world class status in seven crucial areas: leadership; strategic planning; customer focus; measurement, analysis and knowledge management; workforce focus, operations focus; and results. The organizations are measured in a rigorous assessment process.


How does the national Baldrige program fit into a state level program?

State quality level programs are the first step for any organization wishing to strive for the national award. Many state programs offer a tier level approach. By the time an organization reaches the highest level, it’s ready for the Baldrige. Performance Excellence coaching is offered for those organizations seeking assistance.


How long does it take to reach the national award?

That depends, of course, on where you currently are on your journey to excellence. As most winners of the Baldrige award can tell you, the time from first step to accepting the award in Washington, DC, often takes years and several assessments. It isn’t easy, but those who start are often compelled to keep trying. The goal of excellence is constant, with the horizon expanding to the next goal or achievement.


What kinds of organizations participate?

All kinds: hospitals, manufacturers, school systems, for-profit, and not-for-profit, you name it. Any organization wishing to measure itself against world class in its field can participate.


Why should my organization participate?

Performance ImprovementBy striving for excellence in the seven areas (see first question), organizations become smarter, richer in every sense, more efficient, progressive, and with happier workplaces. They become world class. The facts speak for themselves:

  • Baldrige Award winners create more jobs. Analysis of data from two-time Baldrige Award winners shows that median growth in revenue was 94%, and median growth in jobs was 63%
  • Baldrige hospitals save more lives and are stronger financially. These hospitals have lower rates of mortality and complications, higher profit margins, and higher improvement levels than the 100 Top Hospitals (top 3% nationwide) as designated by Thomson Reuters.
  • Baldrige small businesses demonstrate increasing sales, profits, and market share. Since 2000, Baldrige award-winning small businesses have demonstrated increasing sales, profits, and market share; increasing customer satisfaction and retention; improving employee measures; reduced defects and non-conformances; on-time delivery; and increasing productivity and return on assets.
  • Baldrige manufacturers’ revenues improved 48% annually, on average. Since 2000, Baldrige award-winning manufacturers have improved financial results, demonstrated satisfied customers, and improved operations.
  • Baldrige education organizations improve reading and mathematics proficiency and graduation rates. Since 2001, these education organizations (k-12) have demonstrated high and rising reading and math proficiency, AP enrollment and exam scores, graduation rates and college attendance, and increased success after graduation.

Begin the Journey by contacting Lapekas & Associates and let them help you and your organization fast track its pursuit of performance excellence.


Criteria for Performance Excellence

No matter the size or nature of your organization, the Criteria are a guide in your journey toward performance excellence. They can help your organization align resources; improve communication, productivity, and effectiveness; and achieve strategic goals.

The Criteria work as an integrated framework for managing an organization. They are simply a set of questions focusing on critical aspects of management that contribute to performance excellence:

- Leadership
- Strategic planning
- Customer focus
- Measurement, analysis, and knowledge management
- Workforce focus
- Operations focus
- Results

The Criteria serve two main purposes:

- Identify Baldrige Award recipients to serve as role models for other organizations
- Help organizations assess their improvement efforts, diagnose their overall performance management system, and identify their strengths and opportunities for improvement

There are three versions of the Criteria for Performance Excellence:

- business/nonprofit
- education
- health care


Operational Excellence

ExcellenceGood is no longer good enough. To survive in today’s competitive environment, you need to excel. To excel, a company needs to focus on all parts of the organization, optimizing the use and effectiveness of all of its resources.

  • How do your current business practices and performance align with the global marketplace? The Promoting Business Excellence assessment tool will objectively tell you where you stand.
  • Do you seek perfection in eliminating waste and inefficiencies while standardizing quality?  While the Lean Six Sigma toolbox has been around for decades, an IES expert can help you refresh and renew your process improvement program.
  • And Lean Six Sigma can work for any industry. With Lean Health Care, the same “lean” principles that have saved countless businesses enormous time, energy, and money can revolutionize your health care operation.
  • A Quality Management System provides proof that you have a consistent process striving for continual improvement.  National recognition of operational excellence confers bragging rights, attention, and often business from companies who want to work with world class.  The North Carolina Awards for Excellence provides four levels from beginner to advanced that ultimately prepare you to compete for the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award.
  • Along the way, project management provides a systematic approach to planning and implementing any project with the essential and fundamental tools for success.